Tuesday, March 16

7am - 3 pm: Late Conference Registration

7 - 8am: Breakfast & Late Registration

8 - 9:30am: General Session

9:30 - 10am: Morning Break

10 - 11:30am: Breakout Session A1 – Establishing a Lineworker Apprenticeship Program

Presenters:  Ron Schenk, CUSP & Mack Turner, CUSP

Electric Utilities and Powerline Contractors must train their lineworkers, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).  It is a requirement, but how?  The experts in this session have helped over 100 utilities and contractors set up their training programs.


10 - 11:30am Breakout Session A2 – Training Tips for Instructors 

Presenters: Tony Boyd, CUSP & Jim Vaughn, CUSP

Both new and ‘seasoned’ trainers can learn how to improve their delivery practices in this session, presented by facilitators with over 30 years’ experience as both lineworkers and trainers, themselves.

11:30am - 1pm: LUNCH

1 - 2:30pm: Breakout Session B1 – How to Certify your Training Program 

Presenter:  Ron Schenk, CUSP

You have your training program but now need for it to be endorsed by a certifying authority.  Where do you go and what do you do?  In this session you will learn about the options available in Training Program Certification.


1 - 2:30pm: Breakout Session B2 – On-line Training using the T&D PowerSkills LMS

Presenters:  Kenneth Pardue, COSS & Ray Foss, CKA

If you have been thinking about lineworker training using a computer-based, online system, this session will help you better understand the pros and cons and what to expect as you implement this new approach in content delivery and administrative management.

2:30 - 3pm: Afternoon Break


3 - 4:30pm: Trainer Round-Table

Moderator:  Jim Vaughn, CUSP

Get your questions ready for this experienced group of trainers!