Thursday, March 24
ISPC Seminar Schedule

7 - 8am: Breakfast/Check-In

7am - 12pm: Exhibitors Move Out

8 - 10am: Seminar A - Field Safety Leadership

Presenter: Mack Turner, CUSP

Effective Safety practices used by powerline workers requires effective leadership in the field.  This session, taught by ISPC Executive Director, Mack Turner, CUSP, trains for safety leadership using proven concepts and techniques employed by the most successful utilities and contractors in the nation.

8 - 10am: Seminar B - Best Practices for Grounding and Insulate/Isolate

Presenter: Jim Vaughn, CUSP

Incidents involving grounding practices are on the rise in our Industry. This session, designed and taught by leading expert, ISPC Senior Consultant, Jim Vaughn, CUSP, focuses on the principles and practices required to keep high- voltage powerline workers safe. 

10 - 10:30am: Mid-Morning Break

10:30am - 12pm: Seminar A (CONTINUED)

10:30am - 12pm: Seminar B (CONTINUED)

12 - 12:45pm: LUNCH

12:45 - 3:45pm: Seminar A (CONTINUED)

12:45 - 3:45pm: Seminar B (CONTINUED)